Press Release: HELP Project Joins the Como Consortium

The COMO consortium consortium is a group of academics (e.g. Oxford, Cornell and the WHO) that are working to help policymakers in 47 different low and middle income countries to plan their exit strategies.

Countries involved include, but are not limited to:

  • Brazil, Argentina and Mexico
  • Some US states (including New York)
  • South East Asian countries including: Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos
  • The WHO-EMRO block of countries. (22 Mediterranean countries)

Como works with modelling teams in each of the participating countries to help them provide high quality analysis that can be used for policy decisions. Their EPI model is a powerful tool for predicting the health impacts of Covid-19, including the modelling of candidate NPIs. The EPI model will be included into the HELP health module in a future release.

Together HELP and COMO have initially set up a lockdown and economic working group combining our expertise with their WHO, and country specific, economists to deliver actionable models for countries that need the support right now. At the time of writing HELP is working with economists in Egypt to investigate the accuracy differences between agent based approaches and SAM models.

The HELP project will continue it’s mission to help people improve their holistic understanding of the NPIs they enact. This includes immediate health outcomes and economic impact, which leads to more complicated long-term damage.

Read more about the Como Consortium here