The HELP Project Aims

The HELP Project is an open source, community initiative to provide decision makers with information & recommendations on the combined health and economic impact of different lockdown exit strategies.

Our Commitment

  1. Look at the big picture by combining health and economic perspectives at all levels of analysis. No one is producing a combined view yet.

  2. Build an ecosystem of collaborating academics, organisations and decision makers to work efficiently. Combine the work people are already doing, don’t replicate it.

  3. Publish regular and pragmatic analysis delivered by teams of data science and machine learning specialists. The world is moving fast and so should we.

What this means in practice

  1. Work with leading experts who are already conducting this work to reduce duplicated effort

  2. Organise working groups around key themes with subject experts guiding modelling teams

  3. Maintain transparency and accountability by releasing analysis and models as open source and visible to all