Our fight against COVID19 is far from over. How governments navigate us out of lockdown will affect our lives for the next decade. We have worked incredibly hard to minimise the health impact of covid-19, so it is vital we ensure that this doesn’t come at a long term cost.

We are combining domain expertise in health, economics and public policy with machine learning to help identify the best exit strategies for each country - these form the path that doesn’t choose between saving lives OR the economy, it saves lives AND the economy.

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How you can help


Apply your expertise to quantify economic impact of NPIs (and their removal!). Experience with statistical and agent based models for GDP forcasting would be a plus.

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Data Scientists

Use your data and machine learning skills implement models created by economists and health experts. Create practical, forward looking forecasts by fitting models to real world datasets.

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Health Professionals

Bring your expertise of disease modelling, epidemiology, public health or policy implementation to make sure the maths and modelling efforts captures the complete medical picture.

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There are many jobs for many backgrounds and skill levels. From collecting data to design work, awareness to copy writing, whatever your skills are, we will try and find a place you can help.

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Patners & Collaborators

Optimally exiting lockdown is the greatest challenge of our generation.

Join leading economists, health experts, policy makers, data scientists and developers in finding the best solution.

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